You can be a Mom AND follow your passion!

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Written By: Shawnte Renee


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It's not easy to be a working mom.  It's not easy to be a mom - period!  Some of us choose to be full time, stay at home moms, forever.  Others go right back to work.  Then there are the ones like myself, who have been home since the kids were little and still want to be home and be around for them, but also have some fire and passion to do something more!  It could be as big as wanting to change the world via speech therapy, or learning and educating others about healthy skincare options, or maybe you want to raise money to feed 100,000 hungry people every year - either way, you know there is MORE you want to do. Don't worry about who's judging you.

Build a network of likeminded women who will support you and celebrate you.  Do what fills your bucket and makes you proud!  Offer up your gifts and talents, follow your passion with purpose and be true to yourself and your values.  In no time at all you'll start to see that the world is yours for the taking and as soon as you're making steps towards taking it you're going to be living much more fulfilling life! 

xx Shawnte

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