We Ask 5 Women... What Does Success Mean to you?

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Written By: Dana Goldstein

Founder of Success Becomes Her


Success is a word that you hear a lot these days. Webster's dictionary defines success as:

1) the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame 2) the correct or desired result of an attempt. I don't believe Success can be defined. It is a subjective term and every individual has their vision of what success looks and feels like . Personally, I have found that in order to create my vision and pursue my passion with presence and purpose I needed to put the ideas of wealth, respect ,and fame on the back burner. Also, I began to question why I was giving others the power to define what the correct or desired result of my success should look like. Was I waiting for the approval of society, my parents, partner, peers, strangers? The answer... a huge NO. In our rational minds we know this choice is ours to make but we let expectations and fear hinder us from taking that leap of faith.

For some success may mean overcoming trauma, loss, addiction, illness, landing your dream job, serving your community, becoming a healthier version of yourself... etc. Whatever success looks like to you keep following your path with strength and conviction. Don't allow anyone to define it, don’t give them permission to hinder you, and don’t allow failure to stop you. Keep fighting until you reach your optimum level of success so that you can live your truth and create your legacy.

Every step you take towards your goal is a success. Every bump in the road is a lesson not a failure. It is not about just getting to the final stage, it’s all the little steps in between that make up your unique story. So don't expect your success to look like anybody else’s. It’s your journey and it’s going to be unique. Don’t try to duplicate someone else’s journey to success instead, take the time to enjoy yours. When you reach the summit you won’t have to announce it because everyone you come into contact with will know; it will radiate in your confidence, it will radiate in your presence and it will radiate in your spirit because Success Always Becomes You.

Courtney Caverly

Health and Wellness Coaching

"Success means having a positive impact on others. It’s the smile that says “I am so grateful that you understand me and helped me help myself”. It’s knowing that I am changing the course of someone’s life by holding them accountable to their dreams. The financial reward that comes with running my own business is only one of my measures of how I am impacting people."

Candice Bar

Luxe Media

"Success means reaching goals you set for yourself big or small on a daily basis. If you are moving forward in a positive way, you are successful."

Lorena C Craven

India Hicks

India Hicks Independent Ambassador

"Success to me means to breathe and live your passion. Enjoying everything you do without feeling you are working."

Elizabeth Jacobi

Mocha Bear Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

"Success to me is learning from your failures and challenges and doing something great because of them."

Lauren Arborio

Connections In Recovery

Addiction and Mental Health Services

"Making things happen. Not giving up. Achieving your goals with integrity."

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Wishing you great Success in all your endeavors!

With Gratitude,

Dana xx

"I never dreamt of success. I worked for it." Estee Lauder

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