The Birth of Success Becomes Her

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Written By: Dana Goldstein

Founder of Success Becomes Her

Jordan Catapano and Dana Goldstein

I thought it would only be appropriate to start this blog with an introduction to Success Becomes Her. My name is Dana Goldstein and I am the founder of SBH. My director Jordan Catapano and I are moms and entrepreneurs in Pacific Palisades, California. I own and operate an Event and Floral company and Jordan owns and operates an all female bartending service. Jordan and I would meet from time to time to discuss life and business and quickly identified that although our companies were different they also had commonalities. The majority of our clients were women and most of our referrals were coming from women.

In a half joking tone I mentioned to Jordan that it would be so nice to have a place where women in our community could connect, listen, learn, inspire, motivate, strengthen one another and share a glass of wine. Side note, any event I put on must include wine. She said we should, “Let's do it”. I laughed thinking how could we fit one more thing onto our already full plates. But, I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to make it happen. That night I started texting Jordan a bunch of names for our new networking group and we decided on Success Becomes Her. And so she was born that evening in 2017.

Since then we have hosted 8 events, it has been such a pleasure getting to know new members and learning from other female entrepreneurs and professionals. The women who attend have encouraged us to keep going. We have seen connections being made, momentum is growing, and our SBH tribe is expanding.

Remember success is subjective. Everyone has their own definition. Success can mean overcoming a trauma, loss, addiction, illness, landing your dream job, becoming a healthier version of yourself... etc. As you can see success has a different definition for each and everyone of us. Don’t let anyone define yours, don’t give them permission to hinder you and don’t allow failure to stop you. Keep fighting until you reach your optimum level of success. When you reach the summit you won’t even have to announce it because everyone you come into contact with will know; it will radiate in your confidence, it will radiate in your presence and it will radiate in your spirit because Success Always Becomes You.

Let’s Do This!

With Love and Gratitude,

Dana xx

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