Pillars of Health

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Written by: Kellie Logsdon



It’s that time of year again and Spring has sprung. New Year’s resolutions have come and gone. Never a better time than the present to revisit what brings you to health. I hear over and over all the cliches…’Our health is our Wealth’, ‘Before healing others health thyself’, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. Just like New Years Resolutions, Spring is a time to peel back the covers and take a look, yet again, at what is really healthy for us. What’s working for you and what’s not...

I find myself saying over and over “I just want to be healthy”. But….what IS healthy? What does healthy even mean? Theories on our overall health and what’s “HEALTHY” are as ubiquitous as they are varied. What brings me to my best health may be completely unhealthy to another. Research and studies may show one method to optimal wellness, while I may experience something completely opposite for myself...I’m so confused. Whatever study suggested that I would be my healthiest eating lots of whole grains and low fat foods was dead wrong for me. Ever hear of the study that said you don’t really need 7-9 hours of sleep a night...ya, dead wrong for me, too! Come over one morning after a lousy nights sleep and I’ll show you the proof that that study is way off for me. I don’t believe in quinoa and/or hummus...others swear that butter and meat is killing them. EVERYONE is different and there is no one exact answer to healthy. There are some “Pillars of Health” that I think we can all agree to...and I’ll get to that in a minute.

Exercise and diet are 2 of the biggest variables in health. What’s good for Grandma may not work for the gym rat. For instance...I’m just never going to hit the gym to flip tires and grunt like a caveman before the sun rises. I know this about myself and I’m ok with that. I’m also not a slow yoga in the middle of the day kinda person. If you have a workout routine followed by dry skin brushing before a shower and then 10 minutes of meditation...and all that makes you feel energized and motivated and happy then more power to ya. However...that sounds dreadful to me. I would probably do that a total of 3 times and then never again. Ask me to quit coffee and I may kill someone...that’s just me. If you told me I had to follow a vegan diet to reach my best health I would do that for a total of 2 days and then I’d quit and feel like a failure. However, tell me to follow a ketogenic diet and an intermittent fasting lifestyle and now we’re talking! I’m coming to know what is healthy for me and I stick to those habits and routines 80-90% of the time.

I have found what is the best of all wellness advice is that the healthiest way of life is one that is filled with positive and easy habits. These routines are ones that you can easily maintain day in and day out with MINIMAL effort all-the-while bringing you to better health. Getting to “healthy” means you’re on a tireless journey to find those habits that are effortless to stick to. Try something for several days in a row, even if you don’t like it and see if it sticks. Meditate every morning for 10 minutes before you get in the shower. Try making rotisserie style chicken in your Instant Pot every sunday afternoon for a month and see if that helps with your meal prep for the week. Go for a 15 minute brisk walk every night after dinner….just TRY it.

As we head into April 2019 instead of me telling you what is healthy let’s focus on the Pillars of Health so you can narrow in on what’s truly healthy FOR YOU.


~Set a specific time for screens off and lights out. You may want to dim the lighting, fluff the pillows and bedding, and set the room temp that’s optimal for you. Find what works for you...even if you veer from the routine always come back to it.


~Family, friends and romantic relationships are a give and take. Relationships should bring you joy, laughter and challenge you to be a better person. If a relationship is heavy assess how you can lighten the load, spend less time with that person or adjust your approach.


~Nothing wrong with a little quiet time. Take a walk without technology. Spend some time meditating or reading or listening to music. Just slow it down to get in tune with all that you are grateful for in life. Also...stress is the silent killer of everything...don’t let it get you.


~We aren’t talking about having unlimited funds and resources. Making responsible financial choices and reconciling your accounts on a regular basis help to reach goals or keep you in tune with a balance in your spending.


~Get some kind of movement in your day that gets you moving your body. Call it a dripping sweat power workout or a hike in nature or vigorously cleaning your house. Just get moving!


~I don’t have a set amount of water intake, but whatever I do take in is usually clear and void of sugar and chemicals. Seltzer water, unsweetened iced tea and black coffee work for me. I do know for sure that the more I drink the clearer my skin is...but I’m constantly running to the ladies room.


~Everyone is different so find a program that works for you. If you’ve been on the diet roller coaster take bits from all those experiences and use what works for you. After years of yo yo dieting and trying to follow the mantra of “eat less, exercise more” I had had enough of that dreadful nonsense. I found that a low carb/keto diet along with Intermittent Fasting was my thing (you can read about it on me blog “The Diet That Changed My Life”. I am constantly developing new and delicious recipes to keep it fresh and interesting. 90% of my meals are homemade so I get to decide what goes into my body and when.

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