How to Avoid the New School Year from Taking a Nose Dive

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Written By: Groza Learning Center

The school year is almost in full swing. We bought the new “totally fire” backpack, we have our dry erase board calendar over our desk filled in with upcoming assignments and activities, and we feel like we’ve got this wired!

However, just below the surface, a danger is lurking. And as a parent, I know I can’t fall asleep at the wheel. Because as soon as the excitement of the new year, with new friends, new classes, and new activities, begins to wear off… things naturally start to fray at the edges.

Then, it’s four weeks in, and you check your kid’s Schoology where you see a missing assignment in biology, or you get a progress report sent home from their math teacher detailing an excuse from your kid that they didn’t finish their homework due to a death in the family (hmm, the only recent death being the family goldfish won at last year’s school carnival).

The strategy is to take a deep breath (or count to 50) and then have that calm, rational discussion knowing that if you speak for longer than 3 minutes, you may feel like a not so Marvelous Mrs. Maisel wondering if your mic is on. It seems as if this is a recurrent natural phenomenon, this slow regression of behavior and attentiveness. And then, we all fall into that frustrating trap of reminding, warning, and even threatening. But the problem is, for the most part, you’re still on the chair lift while they are so far down the ski slope they can only hear the distant echoing of your voice as they make their way into the lodge for some hot cocoa.

All is not lost. If you just stay true to what you want and stay true to what you know your kid is capable of, you can get back on track.

Remind yourself, it’s all about the journey, and today is not the destination and tomorrow you can always restart, wipe the dry erase board clean, and begin from the beginning. Now may be the time to ask for more help. And do not worry that you think you may be too late or have failed because you have not! We can all use some extra help at times. All of this is part of the learning and the journey. Relax, midterms are almost here!

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